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Gema Insani Publishing is one of the largest publishing houses in Indonesia. The company was established in 1986 and has published various genres of books including children books, fiction and non-fiction as well as books on Islam. Some titles have been translated into different languages and Gema Insani has maintained good relations with other publishing houses in Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Gema Insani present various products, such as print book, e-book, audio books to provide and fulfill the need for Islamic content in various forms and platforms. In addition, Gema Insani always develop our products so that our various published products can be enjoyed not only by the Indonesian people, but also Indonesian citizens abroad and communities around the world.

We are very pleased to present our Foreign Rights Catalogue with many great titles. Here we presenting our bestseller and new books. We hope you will enjoy our content and there is something that catches your interest. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Bestseller Buya Hamka's Book

The Sinking of Van Der Wijck
Under the Protection of Kaaba
Sold: Malaysia and South Korea, and Swedia for audiobooks
Sold: Malaysia and on process with Thailand, and Swedia for audiobooks
This novel tells a story of romance within a set of Minang's culture that only allows Minang person to marry off their daughters of the same culture. Zainuddin is the son of a Minang man who married a Bugis woman. According to Minang customs which is matrilianism, Zainuddin is not a Minang child. When he returned to Minang, Zainuddin's loneliness disappeared because of his meeting with Hayati, a beautiful girl from Minang. However, Minang customs did not unite them. Zainuddin, who was considered poor and not a Minang was considered inappropriate for Hayati. Hayati is betrothed to Aziz, a Minang man and rich, but a playboy and a gambler.
Taking place in Sumatra Island during the colonialization era, this novel narrates the romance between Hamid and Zainab. They came from different social classes. Hamid is a diligent and charming man from low-class family while Zainab is a beautiful woman from high-class family. They have been friends since childhood. Because the different of social classes, Hamid and Zainab can't reveal their love to each other. Zainab will be married with a rich man. To heal his broken heart, Hamid go to the Holy Land (Mecca). Their love is revealed in front of the Kaaba, in the Holy Land.
Great Person
Buya Hamka is Talking about Women
Sold: Malaysia, and Swedia for audiobooks
Sold: Malaysia
Great Person exposes Hamka's way of thinking about personalities, particularly within Indonesian society. One of the emerging problems nowadays is value and moral ignorance in all education levels. Individuals need to comprehensively develop in body, mind, soul, and hopes.
This best seller book provides us information about tips and techniques to develop and become a great person. This book also provides valuable inputs for Indonesians to become great people. The book is suitable for readers who are willing to learn about how to make someone have good personality.
This book discusses the dignity of women and their various obligations in daily life from an Islamic perspective. We often hear that Islam does not honor women with certain restrictions. In this book it is conveyed that Islam clearly glorifies women and the role of women as described in the Qur'an and hadith.

You can find all informations about Buya Hamka at and pur channel Youtube at Gema Insani TV

Our Bestseller Books

The Philosophy of Science From Western and Islamic Perspective
Tafseer of Contemporaray Economic
This is a collection of papers that balance and straighten the philosophy of science which currently has a lot of influence from secularism and important for knowledge seekers. It is aimed as a filter in the absorption of knowledge that is developing on campuses today, as well as providing clarity in thinking and calm in making decisions, not shock and confusion. This book also describes how the different mindsets of a secular person with a Muslim are in the scientific process.
This book is the winner of the 2019 IBF awards for the adult nonfiction book category. This book explains various interpretations of economic verses which later become the basis of economic thought. So far, what has been widely circulating is contemporary economic thought which is then linked to verses of the Qur'an. On the other hand, this book explains the interpretation of the verse first and then the implementation and application in everyday life in terms of the economy.
Psychology of Couple
Psychology of Conflict
Psychology of Marriage
In marriage, the differences between husband and wife will make both of them feel the need for each other and complement each other. However, these differences can also cause conflicts. Apart from differences in physical and psychological terms, there are also differences based on life experiences, parenting, education, culture, and religious behavior which of course become a challenge in domestic life. This book discusses conflicts that may occur in the household, differences between men and women based on psychology, as well as ways of dealing with conflicts.
This book summarizes various phenomena and facts that occur in households, such as cases of infidelity, gadget addiction, mental health, and others. However, not only the problems contained in this book, but also the tips and solutions that the author tries to present based on the author's expertise and experience in dealing with various clients who complain about their problems.
Getting married and having a family is the nature of all living beings. However, building a harmonious marriage and family is not always easy. There are so many problems and tests that a married couple must face in pedaling the household dip. Problems that deserve to be prevented or to find a solution, both problems that come from within the husband and wife (family) and from externally. This book provides knowledge to readers, especially married couples or young couples who want to explore the household. This book discusses what things a married couple should pay attention to maintain the integrity and harmony of their marriage.

Our Bestseller Children's Books

My Pious Toddler Tawheed Series
Fabel Leadership Series
Sold: Australia
This book discovers how you can introduce God to your children with Gema and Gina! This colorful tauhed book series will delight children and support them through the bonuses book. The tauhed series will ignite enthusiasm among children to know God from early age. It stimulates children's imagination. The books are great mental workouts for children; stimulating them through varied activities.
This series tell the stories of animal characters in a forest. The little one as a reader is introduced to Ozlan the King of the Forest who is angry, honest, simple, humble, and fair. Readers can learn from the attitude of the King of the Forest.
Metamorphosis Series
Universe Series
Animal's House Series
A Shine- A light book is a children's book that brings fun while reading books. Children can find hidden pictures by shinning a light on certain parts of the book. This experience makes learning about science very enjoyable. This science series tells the story of the process of life from caterpillar, frog, and mosquito.
A Shine- A light book is a children's book that brings fun while reading books. Children can find hidden pictures by shinning a light on certain parts of the book. This experience makes learning about science very enjoyable. This science series tells the story of ants, bees, and woodpeckers. About their house and activities in their house/nests. This series contain lots of interesting scientific facts about them and their house.
A Shine- A light book is a children's book that brings fun while reading books. Children can find hidden pictures by shinning a light on certain parts of the book. This experience makes learning about science very enjoyable. This science series tells about the explanation of the moon, the sun, and the earth.

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